Thanks for using the naloxone app!  If you’re reading this, then you’ve already successfully downloaded the app to your phone.  The app is accessed by opening AppSheet. This icon should be among your phone’s other app icons:

After opening the app, if you haven’t previously entered your name, tap on the “Worker peeps” tab at the bottom right. Tap the “+” sign and enter your name (under “Driver Name”). You can also add a picture and other info, if you’d like. Tap “Save.” As you’ll soon see, you’ll now appear in the app’s dropdown box.

To enter an instance of naloxone distribution, tap the “Naloxone distribution” tab at the bottom left of the app. This will open a map. Using two fingers, zoom into the approximate location where you gave out the naloxone. Then, tap the pin icon:

and drag and drop the bouncing red pin onto the (approximate) location:

The pin doesn’t have to be super-precise, just close, to the actual location. Then tap the checkmark to enter that location:

You’ll then be prompted to answer 6 questions:

    • Given by: Select yourself from the dropdown box.

    • Date: The default is today’s date. If needed, you can tap the calendar on the right to find a previous date.

    • Number of kits given: This is the number of boxes – each containing 2 doses – that you gave out.

    • Training provided: Did you give the individual any training in administering naloxone? Some people already know how to use it and don’t need/want training.

    • Approximate age: You don’t need to ask the person. Just make your best guess.

    • Gender

You can add an optional “Note” to provide further information if you’d like.

As able, please make a separate entry for each person who received naloxone. However, if that is not possible (for example, at a busy event), you can make one entry for multiple kits given. If you have any sense of the demographics of the recipients, add a note to that entry such as: “About half of the recipients were between 20-29, the rest spread over the other ages. About 75% were male.”

When finished with the entry, tap “Save.” This will return you to the map where you can enter another instance of giving out naloxone.

IMPORTANT: When you have finished entering all data, before exiting the app, you must SUBMIT the data by tapping the circle icon in the upper right corner of the app:



Other questions? Please send an email.

Tap your phone’s back button to return to the app.